Chris Douloff


Statement of Teaching Philosophy

At the heart of my teaching philosophy lies a commitment to fostering a dynamic and nurturing learning environment that motivates students to explore their intellectual curiosities, develop critical thinking skills, and achieve academic excellence. Throughout my years of teaching, tutoring, and training in the field of English language teaching and applied linguistics, I have strived to instill a profound understanding and appreciation of the English language, its complexities and its nuances, in all my students.

In a world increasingly interconnected through technology, English language proficiency has become an invaluable skill. To this end, I firmly believe in the importance of delivering differentiated instruction that meets the diverse needs of my students, from those focused on accuracy to those focused on interaction, meaning, and fluency. To encourage intrinsic motivation, I employ a variety of process genre-based teaching strategies and interactive computer lab experiences that make learning engaging and enjoyable. My dedication to addressing learner needs extends to my roles as a Cambridge CELTA and DELTA tutor, where I guide aspiring English language teachers on their journey to become effective educators.

In addition to teaching English language skills, I believe in the importance of fostering an interdisciplinary approach that broadens students’ perspectives and cultivates holistic understanding. Courses such as “Reading and Writing Teaching Techniques & Materials” and “ELT Curriculum Design and Development” help bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing students to apply their knowledge in practical, real-world contexts. This approach prepares them not only for their academic pursuits but also for their future career paths.

As an avid proponent of EdTech, I recognize the power of generative AI and digital tools in enhancing the learning experience. Whether it’s through online learning environments or computer-assisted language learning, I am committed to leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful learning experiences and cultivate digital literacy among students.

Lastly, I see my role as an educator as not just teaching but also mentoring. I am passionate about providing guidance to students, whether it’s advising on their thesis, providing career counseling, or helping them navigate their degree requirements and post-graduate education options. I believe that this supportive relationship is key in helping students achieve their full potential.

My teaching philosophy is a reflection of my commitment to fostering an engaging, inclusive, and technology-enhanced learning environment that motivates students to become lifelong learners and global citizens.